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ohh . relations ! u make me trouble .
Jumaat, Disember 24, 2010 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

relationship are like crystals ,
we don't realize how much we love it until its break .  


when i first met you . i thought "what a fool "
when i started to know you . i begin to find you cool .
when we became closer . i started to care . 
                                               when we become a lover . i couldn't imagine life without you here .

when we broke up . you broke my heart . 
when we tried again . i saw it as a new life . 
when you broke my heart for the second time ....

i realised you never were mine
and now ...
i'm just lying here 
trying to head my broken heart and stop my tears .  


Lots Of Smile For Readers :)

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