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the story of LOVE ♥
Jumaat, September 30, 2011 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

when alone , i feel incomplete.
but , after seeing u
my life more cheerful

i ask u to being my couple ,
would you ? 
ohh my dear , thank 4 accept me again ,
i promise that i always  u , take care of u , protect u
u know what , u the best girl i've ever found.
 thank agains 4 accept me dear .
i always  u 
now i in relationship with u .
how can i describe "how happy i'am"

we  love each other ,
the world is uncomplete if u were there beside me.

we contact in hp .
u always message me.
u are always angry when i reply lately 
i wait your message
i am afraid to losing you again
that concern me when you do not respon to my message

u are always angry when i make mistakes
even simple mistakes
u say u not want to would my heart again
please dear , dont kiss me,if it was just a mere toy
u really serious about this 
dear , i for opportunities near u so that u know that i still love u

sincerely from girl 

Lots Of Smile For Readers :)

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